About us:

The My Online Book Signing® store is associated with The Worn Keyboard™ and is maintained by author/editor L. Edward Hazelbaker.

Special Instructions:

To have a book—or multiple books—personalized and signed, simply choose the "Add Personalized Message" option during your book purchase and state your preferences in the text box provided in the order form.

Remember: Keep your personalizing phrases short. If you are purchasing multiple books, clearly list the name of each individual for whom you are buying a gift along with each personalized message. For instance:

To John Towson - Merry Christmas
Happy anniversary, Tim and Mary
Happy 16th Birthday, Tom

Example: Per the above, assuming you purchased three books, you will receive one book for John that has within it a personalized message in the handwriting of the author that says, To John Towson - Merry Christmas, followed by the author's signature and date. Two other books will then be personalized with the other two messages.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing a book, If you select the "Add Personalized Message" option, you must type something into the box provided for a personalized message. If after selecting the option you decide not to add a personalized message, just uncheck the box.

Multiple Book Orders with Special Handling

If you want books shipped to multiple people as part of a single order of multiple books, you must submit an e-mail to sales@myonlinebooksigning.com to request special handling. (Note: Special handling may require additional charges after your purchase if the final shipping costs vary from the shipping paid during checkout. In such case you will be contacted prior to order fulfillment.) Make sure you specify in your e-mail the order number that your request applies to.

You may also submit a separate order for each book. For instance, submit five separate orders with a separate personalized message submitted for each order, then choose a separate shipping address for each of the five orders as you check out each time.

Important note on shipping:

The USPS Media Mail rate offered during checkout is a special rate that can be used for mailing books. However no other written material may be shipped with books when using the Media Mail rate except for an invoice or sales receipt. If a customer wants a separate note included with a book to inform the recipient that the book is being gifted by the purchaser, another shipping option must be selected—for instance the USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope. Also, such request for a special note as just described must be made in an e-mail sent to sales@myonlinebooksigning.com.

Please make sure you review the TERMS for purchases from the My Online Book Signing® store.